What’s on my iPhone 8 Plus?

Two years ago, after having a Blackberry Bold and a Samsung S4 I made the switch to an iPhone 6 and never looked back. Truthfully, I could write an essay on how much I adore Apple’s innovation and the loyalty that I have towards the brand because I’m such a fan. This month I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus and it has been incredible. The rose gold phone itself is gorgeous, the operating system is familiar, the cameras are unbelievable, and going from 16GB to 64GB is such a bonus.

As you can tell, I’m in love with my new iPhone and I could continue to discuss it but that is not the reason why I’m writing! I writing to invite you inside my device and to share with you all my favourite apps! Think of this as smartphone show and tell!

My Most Used Apps

  • Instagram – The photo-sharing app that continues to capture my attention for hours on end.
  • Reddit – I read threads on specific topics, laugh, and save animal GIFs all at the same time.
  • Snapchat – I’ve converted to only using Instagram Stories, however, I still ‘snap’ my friends.
  • Spotify – My favourite music streaming app that is always open and playing in the background.
  • Twitter – I go through phases with this social media platform. Even though, there is a lot of negative energy on Twitter you can find positivity if you look for it.

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Photo Editing Apps

  • Dropbox – The easiest way to transfer files from your computer to your iPhone.
  • Facetune – Using a little tasteful amount of photo enhancement doesn’t hurt anyone.
  • VSCO – The best photo editing app that has natural filters and simple editing features.

Social Media Apps

  • Bloglovin – A social media platform that allows you to follow your favourite bloggers and read their posts on the app.
  • Facebook – The standard social media app.
  • Facebook Messenger – The standard social media messenger app.
  • Pinterest – A great social media platform to find and download iPhone wallpapers from.

Health Apps

  • 5K Runner – A running app that helps you prepare for races with warm ups and cool downs till you get to a point where you can run the full 5KM.
  • Headspace – A simple beginners meditation app with cute graphics.
  • Nike+ Run Club – Another running app through Nike that tracks your progress with interactive updates. I use this app in the Winter because it can detect when you’re running on a treadmill.

Organizing Apps

  • Timers+ – The iPhone Clock app only allows you to keep one timer. This app allows you to run multiple timers at once.

Music Apps

  • Metronome – I use this app when I’m teaching piano and need my students to play on beat.
  • Shazam – This is a music-identifying app that I use to discover songs that are playing around me which is mostly at the gym.
  • 8 Tracks – Before Spotify, I used 8Tracks to discover music all the time. Recently they’ve integrated with Spotify and when you favourite a track on an 8Tracks playlist it automatically adds it to a Spotify playlist.

Reading Apps

  • Libby – This is OverDrive’s new app Libby that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library.
  • Page Six – One of the only publications that believes celebrity gossip and Bravo celebrity gossip are equally important to report on.

Sticker Apps

  • Bitmoji – An adorable avatar you can create and add to text messages and Snapchat pictures.
  • Spadeemoji – This is Kate Spade New York’s iMessage sticker application.

Navigation Apps

  • Google Maps – The standard GPS map that helps me with directions especially when I’m walking to places.
  • G1 Genius – This is a quiz app that is helping me while I learn how to drive.
  • Transit – If I’m taking public transit, I prefer this app to Google Maps because it has a cleaner layout and I can see all the transit line schedules working simultaneously instead of following one set of directions on Google Maps.

Video Apps

  • Letterboxd – I am huge movie aficionado and I love to keep track and read reviews on which ones I’ve seen through Letterboxdd.
  • YouTube – Similar to Instagram, this is a video-sharing app that continues to capture my attention for hours on end.

Writing Apps

  • Notability – I used to be a big Evernote user till they implemented the subscription service and changed their terms on the free account plans. I made the switch to Notability because it had all the features Evernote did (including the desktop app) and for a one time fee rather a subscription.

Thank you so much for reading this post and enjoying my smartphone show and tell! I hope you found a new favourite app and can give me suggestions on which ones to download next!

What’s your favourite app?

Let me know!

Laurel Astridge
Laurel Astridge

Toronto Music Teacher, Social Media Specialist, and Public Speaker. Founder of Laurel Musical.

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