Hello there! I’m Laurel Astridge – a Toronto-based digital media marketing professional, performer, and public speaker. I graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Marketing. I am also the founder of this lifestyle blog – where you can find content that revolves around beauty, fashion, music, and more. Laurel Musical began on Tumblr in June 2011, transitioning to WordPress in 2017.

About Me

  • I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and currently reside there. 
  • Music is a big part of my life. I studied singing and have performed at a variety of events. I was a music teacher for five plus years and have recently pivoted into the digital media marketing industry. 
  • My style is preppy and feminine. I adore stripes, pearls, and monograms.
  • I’m a pop-culture enthusiast. I am always interested in the trending books, music, films, and entertainment of the season.
  • I indulge in drinking cappuccinos and go nowhere without lipstick, a pen, and painted nails.
  • I have a heart full of gratitude. I started Laurel Musical on Tumblr before my final year of high-school in June 2011. It was a space to share my creativity, and its dedicated readers have turned it into so much more. Laurel Musical is my passion-project. 

Thank you for visiting this page and my blog.