23 Things I Learned at 23

I wrote a blog post last year titled “22 Things I Learned at 22” which to this day gets the most clicks on my website. In the blog post, I expressed my reservations towards birthdays and how they can make you feel uneasy. When I was seventeen, I didn’t quite understand why my twenty-four-year-old friends were apprehensive about their birthdays the way I do now. Which is why I’ve yet again written down 23 things I’ve learned in the space of a year.

23 Things I Learned at 23

  1. You are not running the same race as everyone else nor at the same pace.
  2. Sometimes a haircut is just a haircut. The cliché is true – it does grow back.
  3. You can cry in the shower, or cry in your car, or cry at the movies. Remove the stigma that it’s not okay to cry.
  4. Quotations that start with “not all girls…” or “I’m not like others girls…” may seem harmless but they are classified as internalized misogyny. As a woman, if you enjoy something that isn’t popular or categorized as stereotypically feminine it does not make you cooler than other women who don’t.
  5. Fragrances, ‘natural fragrances’, or essential oils should not be in the ingredients of your skincare products.
  6. You can wake up with a long to-do list and check nothing off that day. Don’t feel bad about it.
  7. Ask sales assistants if you should size-up or size-down in their clothing. There’s a possibility that your clothes will look better.
  8. You have complete creative control over your social media channels. There are no rules, formulas, or ways to avoid the ‘new algorithm.’ Just post what you like, when you like, and how you like.
  9. Take yourself out on dates and don’t be ashamed of being seen alone.
  10. If you disagree with someone’s opinion address them promptly and civilly. The longer you wait to address the situation the longer it takes for all parties to move forward.
  11. Do something you didn’t think you’d like. Go figures, you might like it.
  12. Subscription services are only worthwhile if you’re truly using them. Realizing this, caused me to cancel all my pre-existing subscriptions except Spotify.
  13. If you don’t apply, you won’t be accepted.
  14. You can try to fix a problem by buying a bunch of ‘stuff’ or you can wait to see what you really need.
  15. Time spent with people who are not your life anymore doesn’t mean it was time wasted.
  16. Invest in well-made shoes. Your wallet will hurt a little but your feet will thank you.
  17. You’re not always right. Admit it.
  18. Don’t allow people to insult your intellect because you enjoy reality television. Rihanna loves Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules too.
  19. You are more like your parents then you’d like to admit.
  20. Internet points (ie. likes, upvotes, comments) do not add value to your own self-worth.
  21. Wear sunscreen all days of the year.
  22. There are pros and cons to heartbreak with a lot of learning in between.
  23. Embrace your truth.

Thank you so much for reading my post! If you have any incredible insight that you learned from April 2017 to April 2018, please share it in the comments!

Which number is your favourite on the list?

Let me know!

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