Minimalistic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Once the Winter Holiday season finishes, Valentine’s Day décor enters the stores and somehow everything switches from red and green to red and pink. If you are currently with a partner, this holiday may make…

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Stop Looking at Who Views Your “Story”

A “Story” is a photo or video uploaded by a user to be seen by their added friends for 24 hours on their specific social media channels. This concept was first introduced by the popular…

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Not Your Typical Year in Review Post

2017 was my year of transition. After graduating, I took on three jobs because I was heartbroken and terrified of not living up to my potential. This overload of stress eventually weakened my immune system…

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The ABCs of The Holidays

Instead of writing a numbered list on what to do or what to watch this holiday season, I decided to challenge myself and name one Holiday themed item or activity to represent each letter of…

A fun list of Holiday themed activities, films, and treats!

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15 Quotes For Your Holiday Cards

Assemble your stash of glitter pens and prepare to write! It is time to finish up your holiday cards and seal those envelopes. However, if you haven’t made it to the postage office yet –…

A list of quotes to write in your Christmas, Hanukkah, and Holiday cards!

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