Not Your Typical Year in Review Post

2017 was my year of transition. After graduating, I took on three jobs because I was heartbroken and terrified of not living up to my potential. This overload of stress eventually weakened my immune system and I felt defeated. These feelings after four years of being in academia were incredibly unfamiliar.

I spent most of my 2017, assessing all the parts of my life and removing toxic elements that were affecting my physical and mental health. I also made the conscious decision to be vulnerable and to trust myself completely. This is easier said than done but like Michelangelo said: “I’m still learning.”

This year, I am deciding against writing a lengthy year in review post because it literally translates to “ME, ME, I, and ME.” Instead, I am here to present the idea that we should all feel satisfied with our year even if we only accomplished one thing that we are proud of.

Ultimately, the reason why I was stressed in the beginning of 2017 is due to the fact that I was fixated on how other people were living out their lives. This included keeping tabs on where my peers traveled, who they were dating, and where they were getting hired. I was fixated on how my peers’ lives were playing out compared to mine.

Sometimes it’s okay to give up on the battle of comparison. In fact, it’s suggested – even encouraged.

You can reflect on a spectacular year whether you decided to share it with others or kept it to yourself. Just don’t become fixated on how other people spent theirs’ because it’s a battle of comparison that you won’t win.

Happy 2018!

What were you proud of in 2017?

Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Year in Review Post”

  1. I can totally relate about how worried we get about our own timelines when we look at other people’s timelines. I hope this year, you become more in peace with yours, Laurel. <3

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