My Top Artists of 2019

In 2019, I listened to over 54,567 minutes of music and had a playlist of 838 songs that I liked, listened to, and discovered from Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist every Friday. 

I’m going to share with you the artists I enjoyed a minimum of five songs from their discography this year. If I liked more than five songs, I’m going to explain to you why I liked their music in 2019.

My Tops Artists of 2019

Taylor Swift – 18 Songs

I have a complicated relationship with Taylor Swift. I was not keen on the singles she released before her new album Lover. I did, however, like the hidden gems like ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘Afterglow’ that could’ve been bigger hits. Her music doesn’t resonate with me as much anymore but I still can’t turn her down. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Cruel Summer, Taylor Swift – Lover

Jonas Brothers – 15 Songs

My high-school friends and I reunited to see the Jonas Brothers reunion concert in 2019. Hearing their new and old songs live with my friend who went to the Jonas Brothers 2009 concert with me felt surreal.

Favourite Song of 2019: Comeback, Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins

Ariana Grande – 14 Songs

Being surprised by my friend with Ariana Grande concert tickets was a highlight in my 2019. Ariana is one of my favourite performers and I recommend seeing her live.

Favourite Song of 2019: ghostin, Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Kim Petras – 13 Songs

Another year where this pop star captivated my attention. Kim Petras creates the catchiest pop songs that will boost your confidence.

Favourite Song of 2019: Clarity, Kim Petras – Clarity

Lana Del Rey – 13 Songs

My admiration for Lana Del Rey is high. She deserves more recognition and it’s exciting how Norman F*cking Rockwell could be her first critically acclaimed album.

Favourite Song of 2019: Norman F*cking Rockwell, Lana Del Rey – Norman F*cking Rockwell!

Carly Rae Jepsen – 12 Songs

After shying away from her previous work, I gave into Carly Rae Jepsen. The songs on her album Dedicated are fun and great to workout too.

Favourite Song of 2019: Now That I Found You, Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated

Charli XCX – 12 Songs

Charli XCX is an innovator in pop music and her newest album Charli has some unique tracks. I also like the artists she chose to collaborate with on this album.

Favourite Song of 2019: White Mercedes, Charli XCX – Charli

Harry Styles – 12 Songs

Ending the decade with new Harry Styles music is a treat. I like his new album Fine Line and I’m excited to see him live in 2020.

Favourite Song of 2019: Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles – Fine Line

Lizzo – 12 Songs

I had a feeling that Lizzo would rise to stardom. I got to see her in concert in 2019 and the energy was electric.

Favourite Song of 2019: Juice, Lizzo – Cuz I Love You (Deluxe)

Caroline Polachek – 10 Songs

I discovered Caroline Polachek on r/Popheads and became hypnotized by her voice. The production on her songs feels like euphoria.

Favourite Song of 2019: Door, Caroline Polachek – Pang

Julia Michaels – 10 Songs

Julia Michaels is a brilliant songwriter. Her songs are relatable and emotionally raw. She also writes most of Selena Gomez’s ballads which is probably why I like Selena’s music so much. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Into You, Julia Michaels – Inner Monologue Part 1

Slayyyter – 10 Songs

Slayyter is an upcoming PC electronic music artist. Her songs are reminiscent of early Britney Spears – just way more explicit. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Mine, Slayyyter – Slayyyter

Tove Lo – 9 Songs

I have a new appreciation for Tove Lo. Her album Sunshine Kitty is fantastic and getting a Kylie Minogue feature on a song is an achievement. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Bad as the Boys ft. ALMA, Tove Lo – Sunshine Kitty

Betty Who – 8 Songs

Listening to Betty Who is like going back to the 2000s. Sometimes I forget that I’m listening to her and not *NSYNC or Jessica Simpson. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Ignore Me, Betty Who – Betty

Camilla Cabello – 8 Songs

Enjoying 8 songs of Camila Cabello in 2019 was a surprising discovery. I guess, I liked her newest album Romance more than I thought.

Favourite Song of 2019: Easy, Camila Cabello – Romance

Khalid – 8 Songs

Similar to Camilla Cabello, I had no idea that I liked as many Khalid songs as I did. His voice is smooth and easy to listen to. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Talk ft. Disclosure, Khalid – Free Spirit

MARINA – 8 Songs

In High School, I liked the band Marina and The Diamonds. Listening to MARINA now without the band makes me feel nostalgic. Her voice is gorgeous.

Favourite Song of 2019: Handmade Heaven, MARINA – Love + Fear

Terror Jr – 8 Songs

Like a lot of people, I discovered Terror Jr from the Kylie Cosmetics’ lip gloss ad. Their music is catchy and when listening to them you’ll feel like a boss.

Favourite Song of 2019: Favourite B*tch, Terror Jr – Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Astrid S – 7 Songs

Astrid S released a lot of amazing songs about self-reflection and heartbreak in 2019. I give credit to artists who aren’t afraid of being vulnerable in their lyrics.

Favourite Song of 2019: Favourite Part of Me, Astrid S – Down Low

Ed Sheeran – 7 Songs

Ed Sheeran’s 2019 No. 6 Collaborations Project is my least favourite album of his. Features can add a dimension to tracks but if it feels unnecessary then they’re not enjoyable. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Way To Break My Heart ft. Skrillex, Ed Sheeran – No. 6 Collaborations Project

Gryffin – 7 Songs

I enjoy electronic music with heavy pop influences. Gryffin takes up-coming artists and makes instant dance hits. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Body Back ft. Maia Wright, Gryffin – Gravity

Kehlani – 7 Songs

One of my favourite R&B artists of the decade was Kehlani. Her voice and tone is sultry. I can’t wait to listen to her projects in 2020. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Nights Like This ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Kehlani – While We Wait

King Princess – 7 Songs

I root for indie singers who start off strong on the charts like King Princess did with her song ‘1950’ in 2018. She proved herself with a fantastic album called Cheap Queen. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Cheap Queen, King Princess – Cheap Queen

Lauv – 7 Songs

Lauv stayed close to my heart in 2019. I’m happy he had more creative freedom to make songs about mental health and not just catchy love songs. 

Favourite Song of 2019: i’m so tired… ft. Troye Sivan, Lauv – ~how I’m feeling~

Maren Morris – 7 Songs

Every year I have at least one country singer that captures my attention. Maren Morris was my favourite country singer of 2019 and her album GIRL has many gems on it. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Good Woman, Maren Morris – GIRL

Doja Cat – 6 Songs

Doja Cat can thank TIK TOK for her rise to fame. I’m curious about what songs she will be releasing in 2020. It could be a great year for her.

Favourite Song of 2019: Tia Tamera ft. Rico Nasty, Doja Cat – Amala (Deluxe)

Carlie Hanson – 6 Songs

I liked Carlie Hanson even more this past year. The few songs she released in 2019 had unique elements to them and were mostly about unrequited love.

Favourite Song of 2019: Back in My Arms, Carlie Hanson – Junk

FLETCHER – 6 Songs

I was fortunate to see FLETCHER open for LANY in 2019. If you need breakup songs, she’s your girl. 

Favourite Song of 2019: About You, FLETCHER – you ruined new york city for me

LÉON – 6 Songs

LÉON’s voice is powerful. I’m glad I listened to her album on a whim in the beginning of 2019. The songs stayed with me the whole year. 

Favourite Song of 2019: You And I, LÉON – LÉON

Maggie Rogers – 6 Songs

The Joni Mitchell in our decade. Put on your flared jeans and dance around your house barefoot.

Favourite Song of 2019: Give a Little, Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life

Post Malone – 6 Songs

He’s not as hip-hop oriented anymore but he’s still alright. I’m impressed that he got a song with an Ozzy Osborne and Travis Scott feature on it. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Allergic, Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding

ROSALÍA – 6 Songs

ROSALÍA is my favourite international singer. She creates the sexiest Spanish pop songs. I can see her becoming a huge star in 2020. 

Favourite Song of 2019: Con Altura ft. J Balvin + El Guincho, ROSALÍA – Con Altura

A R I Z O N A – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: Nostalgic, A R I Z O N A – ASYLUM

Billie Eilish – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: bad guy, Billie Eilish – WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

Delaney Jane – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: You’re So Last Summer, Delaney Jane – You’re So Last Summer

Iggy Azalea – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: Sally Walker, Iggy Azalea – In My Defense

Lewis Capaldi – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: One, Lewis Capaldi – Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent

Mark Ronson – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: Find U Again ft. Camila Cabello, Mark Ronson – Late Night Feelings

Tyler, The Creator – 5 Songs

Favourite Song of 2019: EARFQUAKE, Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy the Spotify playlist and open yourself up to new music.

Who were your favourite artists in 2019?

Let me know.

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