Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

This photo has not been retouched. I am wearing sunscreen, eyebrow pencil and gel, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, eyelash primer, mascara, and tinted lip balm.

Before sharing my insight, I want to make the disclaimer that my choice of not wearing foundation every day should not impact your choice of wearing it.

In 2017, I experienced onset adult acne that took me by surprise and devastated me. I was quick to purchase any best-selling foundation to cover blemishes that felt impossible to conceal. This was until I sought out treatment from a dermatologist and decided that if my sibling could face the world with their previous cystic acne, then I could stop wearing foundation every day.

It was a difficult transition at first from wearing a full face of makeup every day to going bare. Instead of going cold turkey, I wore a CC cream daily for one month and then switched to a mineral sunscreen that I’ve worn daily for the past six months. The sunscreen I wear, however, doesn’t explain the vulnerability I feel when I go to work, or on an outing, or when I take photographs of myself makeup free.

My adult acne did not improve solely because I decided to stop wearing foundation daily. It improved because of proper medical treatment and following a gentle hydrating skincare routine.

I hope my insights bellow can help inspire people to embrace their skin because there is beauty in blemishes.

This photo has not been retouched. I am wearing sunscreen, eyebrow pencil and gel, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, eyelash primer, mascara, and tinted lip balm.

What I Learned When I Stopped Wearing Foundation

  • I always assumed that only people perceived me as attractive when I was wearing a full face of makeup. This is false because when I stopped wearing foundation I was still respected and complimented on my appearance. It was a lie I told myself prior that was stopping me from going foundation free.
  • You will invest more time, money, and research into skincare.
  • At first, you may be told that you look tired.
  • You can re-apply moisturizer and sunscreen throughout the day with no worries of removing or smudging your makeup.
  • Running errands becomes less time-consuming. Before, I would stall my to-do list because I’d want to apply a full face of makeup before accomplishing anything.
  • You will feel vulnerable when you have a new blemish or a rosacea flare-up in public. Try to resist covering it up with makeup because it’s when your skin is most inflamed and sensitive.
  • There is no need to compare your bare skin to others on social media.
  • You can detect what skincare and makeup products give you a reaction easier. For example, after months of not using concealer, I applied a specific one on my eyelids and had a blemish in that area the next day. I immediately decided to stop using that concealer and the reaction did not reoccur.
  • If you experience any unsolicited comments about your skin or lack of makeup – ignore it or approach it with kindness. People who go out of their way to hurt your feelings over something you have little to no control over (ie. acne, rosacea, psoriasis) deserve none of your attention.
  • Makeup is not a necessity, it is a tool and way to express creativity. It is up to your digression to choose if you want to own or use ten products or three. There are no guidelines.
  • All skin is beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and allowing me to open up about my struggle with adult acne and embracing my skin. If you are interested in knowing my skincare routine – please let me know in the comments!

Do you wear foundation?

Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation”

  1. Amazing post! I also struggled with a random outburst of adult acne this year, and it was definitely difficult to deal with. I have never really wore foundation (usually just concealer and powder), but I agree that it was super hard to stop wearing those things to let my skin heal. 🙂
    -Jenna <3
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    1. Thank you so much Jenna for reading and sharing your struggle with adult acne! It’s tough and I’m so glad there are so many products are resources out there to help heal it.

  2. This is very inspiring Laurel. I never used foundation and now that I am 60 years old, I decided to try it because it had built in sun protection and it is a very light and safe one for my skin. I had sebaria in my teens which was in the shape of a butterfly. It finally went away but now it wants to come back. You look more beautiful then ever so keep up the good work and I am very proud of you. xo

    1. Thank you so much Monique! That means so much to me! I’m so glad you found a skincare and makeup routine that works for you. Sunscreen is known to be the best for anti-aging!

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