How I Find New Music Releases on Spotify

Wonder how certain people stay in the know of up-and-coming artists and song trends? Follow my step-by-step guided video above on how I find and organize all the newest song releases on Spotify week by week. 

A Step-by-Step Approach

  1. Create a *New* Spotify Playlist
  2. Go Through Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist
  3. Go Through Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada Playlist
  4. Go Through Spotify’s Release Radar Playlist
  5. Open Spotify’s Global and Canada Weekly Song Charts 
  6. Look at Your *New* Playlist
  7. Listen to Your *New* Spotify Playlist Throughout The Week
  8. Add Your *New* Liked Songs to Your Yearly Spotify Playlist
  9. Add Your *New* Liked Songs to Genre Specific Spotify Playlists 
  10. Start The Process Again on Spotify Next Week 

Music is both an individual and collective experience, and with streaming services like Spotify Premium, we can now discover and enjoy an unlimited amount of new music and artists. Remember the days when we had to pay per song on iTunes or buy an album? The music industry has dramatically shifted and changed with technology. It leaves people to either feel overwhelmed with too many choices or conflicted with which artists they should listen to and follow.

If you feel like going through the official Spotify playlists isn’t enough for you to find excellent, trendy songs. I suggest reading and listening to professionals in music news and criticism and other music enthusiasts on social media.

I love reading threads on Reddit through r/Popheads and r/HipHopHeads and even going as far as reading music publications like Pitchfork and listening to The New York Times Popcast podcast.

The thrill, excitement, and joy of discovering new music releases are what I hope you’ll achieve by following my step-by-step approach; then creating your own algorithm to organize and store all your favourite releases.

Let music become a passion of yours! There is something so fulfilling about taking the time to appreciate new music releases and artists throughout the year.

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