8 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog

I am not a blogging expert like Helene in Between or Melyssa Griffin. I don’t run a blogging course and I haven’t written an eBook yet. However, one thing I do know is that I LOVE to read blog posts and keep up with creative influencers. Each week, after submitting my posts on blogger-centric Facebook groups I scroll through the comments to support fellow bloggers and to read new content.

When I originally sat down to write this post, I titled it “Why I Don’t Want to Read Your Blog” and I immediately deleted it. Because truth be told, I feel quite the opposite. I want to read your blog badly and here’s why!

8 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog

1. You are consistent

You post consistently and don’t have repeated posts that are titled “I’m back!” or “I’m going on a blog hiatus!”

2. You have an email list

This is because you understand that sometimes people turn off their BlogLovin notifications. Also, you aren’t forcing people to subscribe to your email list with an obnoxious pop-up ad.

3. You take gorgeous photos

Your posts are filled with gorgeous personal photos that reflect your style, suit the post, and are sized correctly. You understand that sometimes stock photos can feel impersonal.

4. You are social

You have an ‘About Page’ so readers can get to know you better. You also have all your social media channels front and center. If they really like your stuff they’ll not only subscribe to your email list but follow your Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

5. You are Organized

Your blog posts are structured with correct headers, spacing, and lists. Your readers never feel overwhelmed when they are reading your posts.

6. You are Genuine

Your blog isn’t a big ad. It’s not full of insincere sponsored posts or loop giveaways.

7. You have a Theme

You have a crisp looking blog design and a colour palette that you loosely follow to make sure everything looks together and aesthetically pleasing.

8. You are Passionate

You create content that you are passionate about and it’s relatable. People want to read your blog because every post you’ve written inspires them to either buy, learn, or do something.

What attracts you to a blog?

Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog”

  1. #6 is a big thing for me! There are a handful of bloggers that used to make great posts and I read all their posts.. until their blog just looked like a big advertising machine. I know people make money out of their blogs, and if they do then good for them, but I just enjoy posts that are more personal and genuine. If I wanted to read through so much paid ads, then I would have just bought myself a magazine!

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