6 Items That Attract Luck

Good luck symbols are commonly found in every culture and worldwide. These items have the ability to attract luck and provide insight, energy, and hope. Whether you are seeking luck or you’re just genuinely curious here are six items that may bring you good fortune!

6 Items That Attract Luck

1. Jewelry

Wearing specific pieces of jewelry like a wedding ring or a religious necklace can have a lot of personal meaning. Not only, can these accessories symbolize love and faith they can also be worn as lucky charms. Charm bracelets filled with lucky charms are a tradition in my family to be passed down to new family members while they build their own.

2. Books

Research has shown that if you read or see something repeatedly you are more likely to incorporate it into your daily life. In order to attract luck in your life through books, highlight certain phrases or repeat aloud books passages that resonate with who you are and who you want to become.

3. Journals

Similar to books, activating the law of attraction can be done through writing and journalling. You can do this by repeatedly writing down your goals or writing as your future self.

4. Seashells, Coins, or Rocks

Collecting trinkets is a way to attract luck in your life by seeking or searching for these items every day. That is why we have the concept of collecting lucky pennies or sea shells. These items inspire us to seek adventure, travel, or to receive prosperity.

5. Crystals

If you are into new age spirituality, you would know how popular crystal healing is. Some believe that specific crystals, rocks, or gemstones have the power to heal or alter your mood. For instance, in order to receive luck and good energy Feng Shui suggests that you hang clear quartz crystals near your windows.

6. Figurines

I was once invited to a powerful man’s business function that took place in his home and noticed that there was an elephant figurine with its trunk up in every room. After the event, I researched and discovered that elephants are a symbol of good luck, strength, power, and wisdom. If you are interested in learning more about good luck figurines go to Good Luck Symbols and try to decipher why I chose the laughing Buddha as my good luck figurine!

How do you attract luck in your life?

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