One Year of Bullet Journaling

Last year a family member gifted me a teal (smaragd) LEUCHTTURM1917 dotted notebook for the holidays. Which I decided to transform into my 2020 agenda.

In the past, I’ve discussed my interest in bullet journaling and felt that 2020 was going to be the year where I would stick with it… And surprisingly, I did.

Due to this year being unprecedented with the pandemic. I made time once or twice a week to reflect and write in my bullet journal the small events in my life that were taking place.

As the year closes, I want to share my experience with bullet journaling and if I’ll continue to do my 2021 agenda this way.

What I Used

  • LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook Medium (A5) Dotted Hardcover 249 Numbered Pages in Smaragd
  • An 18CM Ruler
  • Stickers from Michaels Craft Store
  • Pilot G2 Metallics Gel Roller Pens in Gold and Silver
  • DeSerres Fineliner Coloured Pens
  • DeSerres Medium Tip Coloured Markers
  • Paper Mate Canadiana HB#2 Woodcase Pencils
  • Pilot G2 Gel Roller Pens in Black
  • Sharpie S-Gel Gel Pens in Black

The beauty of bullet journaling is that the supplies and stationery you use have no bounds. You can use all pens, markers, stickers, notebooks, etc.

What I Wrote About in My Bullet Journal

  • Holidays and Birthdays
  • Fitness Workouts, Walks, and Runs
  • Work Schedules
  • Social Events
  • Books I Finished
  • Appointments and Meetings
  • Cleaning and Organization
  • Beauty and Self-Care Moments
  • Blog Posts and Social Media Content
  • Television Shows and Entertainment
  • Shopping and Budgeting
  • Quotations
  • Special Moments of Gratitude I Didn’t Want to Forget

Similar to stationery and supplies, you can write or track anything in your bullet journal. I feel like one of the reasons why bullet journaling is such a big sensation is because you can design your own agenda. Which is such a freeing and creative process – especially, if you feel like traditional agendas or planners have been holding you back.

Will I Continue to Bullet Journal?

I decided that for 2021 I will be using a traditional agenda. My schedule for the upcoming year will have more deadlines and I’m going to have to plan and write more in advance.

For 2020, I would sit down and plan out my bullet journal month by month. Which was wonderful for reflecting and reminiscing but not as productive for planning appointments and projects ahead of time.

I bought a beautiful pink floral printed Kate Spade New York agenda for 2021 and I can’t wait to share it with you. I feel like writing ‘your life’ on paper either in a notebook, journal, or agenda is so beneficial and healing.

There is no better feeling than looking back on days in your agenda or journal where excitement, love, success, and growth were found.

Do you bullet journal?

Let me know.

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