25 Child-Like Things to do as an Adult

A couple of weekends ago, I was taking public transit downtown to visit a couple of friends. While I was on the bus, I became aware of three children interacting and was filled with a new sense of hope. This is because these three children had never met prior to taking the bus but had gained three new friends. The simple act of them interacting inspired me to list child-like activities we can do as adults to keep the innocence in our hearts alive.

25 Child-Like Things to do as an Adult

  1. Purchase a colouring book and coloured pencils: This is actually considered a meditative practice for adults, recommended for people with high-stress jobs or anxiety disorders. So, this isn’t a bad idea and doesn’t necessarily make you a child.
  2. Go to the park and blow bubbles: Remember blowing bubbles as a kid, and chasing them all over the park! relive that feeling now as an adult
  3. Go to a bulk store and purchase only $5 worth of candy: Who doesn’t love candy?! Need I say more?
  4. Paint your fingernails and toenails in a bright colour: We all remember getting those cheap little nail polish kits for Christmas as kids. We’d have bright green nails for weeks!
  5. Take public transit on a new adventure: Once we learn to drive, all of our trips are very directional. Remember catching the train with your friends when you are young and how exciting that was? Try and recreate that as an adult!
  6. Watch an animated movie: Animated movies aren’t just popular because kids love them, it’s because they’re great! Strongly recommend this option when you are off work with the sniffles.
  7. Try to not use your cell phone for the day: This one is a toughie, as most of us can’t resist the urge. But kids don’t have cell phones and remember how fun it was having to come up with different games to occupy yourself!
  8. Build a fort in your living room: Joey on Friends can attest to this. Whether you make it with boxes or couch cushions, make yourself a little den to escape reality!
  9. Play card games like go fish: Card games aren’t just for kids either!
  10. Purchase a disposable camera and develop the film: This one might seem a little wasteful. But there is something so innocent about taking pictures of people without them saying “let me just check I look ok… No, delete that one!”
  11. Have a pizza party: As we get older, we’re always trying to affirm our adultness by throwing fancy dinner parties and wine tastings. Keep it simple and fun with a pizza party!
  12. Go to an amusement or water park: You can’t tell me you don’t look longly at the water slides and the rides when the kids are squealing and laughing on them. I know I do!
  13. Have a board game night: This is definitely a fun option, just try not to get too competitive… I’d avoid Monopoly.
  14. Finger paint or make a craft: Some adults are just naturally crafty anyway, but if you’re not you should try it! It’s very therapeutic. I’d recommend clay for getting your hands dirty.
  15. Learn a simple song on the piano, guitar, or ukulele: Kids have the ability to learn and absorb very quickly, but just because we’re adults it doesn’t mean we can’t try. You might be surprised by your own talent.
  16. Build a sandcastle on the beach: Going to the beach is so exciting when you are a kid, and 50% of the day is spent building sandcastles. Maybe we should see what they find so fun about it!
  17. Download an arcade game on your cell phone or computer: This is a really good way to reawaken your inner child. Playing a game you played as a child can invoke a strong sense of nostalgia.
  18. Plant flowers in your backyard: All little kids want to be gardeners. They love getting muddy in the dirt. We should definitely take a leaf out of their book!
  19. Go to the library and read: Libraries are a big part of being a kid. It was the most fun to take the afternoon out of classes to go to the library and look through the books in the soft kid’s area. Why shouldn’t it still be fun now we are adults?
  20. Put your hair in pigtails or braids: This hairstyle looks great on some adults, but some people avoid it because they don’t want to look “childlike”. Why not?! Keep your youth as long as you can if you can pull it off!
  21. Bake cupcakes: Baking is super popular at the moment, and with numerous videos and recipes coming out all over the internet, it’s no longer just something you do when you stay at grandma’s over the holidays.
  22. Wear temporary tattoos: Lots of candy still have these little “prizes” inside, and let’s face it they are fun to apply. Do you remember how badass you felt wearing these as a kid?
  23. Make a ‘throwback’ music playlist: Music is another one of those things that can trigger a strong sense of nostalgia. I strongly recommend this one!
  24. Collect seashells on a beach or throw rocks across a pond: This is a great idea for getting back to nature and finding a sense of calm.
  25. Go to the zoo or to a pet store: If you love animals then this is a great option! It’s also better in a way to go as an adult because you are more aware of your surroundings and are able to appreciate it more.

This list could go on and on because the ability to act like a child is still deep within an adult’s heart. Don’t let the hatred that takes place in this world ruin your sense of wonder.

What’s your favourite child-like activity?

Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “25 Child-Like Things to do as an Adult”

  1. Blow bubbles in the bathtub, whoops just kidding! Blowing bubbles with the children at the Alzheimer Walk at the Children’s section.

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