23 Things I Learned at 23

I wrote a blog post last year titled “22 Things I Learned at 22” which to this day gets the most clicks on my website. In the blog post, I expressed my reservations towards birthdays…

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Products I Finished – March 2018

I introduced a series in March called “Products I Finished” to share beauty and lifestyle products in my collection that I had completed in the previous month. It’s hard to believe in just one month, I…

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In Bloom – Spring Playlist

Even though it may be brisk outside I can’t help but get excited about the anticipation of Spring! Especially, when I can wear sneakers and run outside without freezing. That’s why I’ve created a Spring…

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What’s on my iPhone 8 Plus?

Two years ago, after having a Blackberry Bold and a Samsung S4 I made the switch to an iPhone 6 and never looked back. Truthfully, I could write an essay on how much I adore…

Find out what applications are on my iPhone 8 Plus!

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5 Twitter Accounts to Keep Your Timeline Positive

In July 2017, I published a blog post called 5 Facebook Pages to Keep Your Newsfeed Positive that received a lot of positive feedback and even recognition from the companies and people mentioned in the…

Check out these five Twitter accounts that will keep your timeline positive!

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