My Mobile Day

As a passionate Apple enthusiast, after having an iPhone 8 Plus for four years, I reluctantly tossed my desire to keep a ‘home’ button for an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ve had an attachment to… View Post

My Top 5 Favourite Podcasts

Last year, I wanted to maximize my Spotify Premium subscription and take advantage of podcasts. I’ve had multiple failed attempts at getting into podcasts prior because I’d always force myself into listening to ones that… View Post

What’s on my iPhone 8 Plus?

Two years ago, after having a Blackberry Bold and a Samsung S4 I made the switch to an iPhone 6 and never looked back. Truthfully, I could write an essay on how much I adore…

Find out what applications are on my iPhone 8 Plus!

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Stop Looking at Who Views Your “Story”

A “Story” is a photo or video uploaded by a user to be seen by their added friends for 24 hours on their specific social media channels. This concept was first introduced by the popular… View Post

8 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog

I am not a blogging expert like Helene in Between or Melyssa Griffin. I don’t run a blogging course and I haven’t written an eBook yet. However, one thing I do know is that I… View Post