Where I Buy My Size 11 Shoes

Raise your hand if you wear an uncommon shoe size! When I was born the struggle to find shoes began, as my doctor took a look at my feet and said to my mother “Oh,…

Five affordable shoe stores that carry size eleven women's footwear!

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Favourite Fall Essentials

Welcome to the gorgeous rustic season of Fall! As the crisp weather approaches, here is a list of essentials related to fashion, beauty, and home decor. They are all cozy, fashionable, and possibly pumpkin flavoured!…

An affordable list of beauty, decor, fashion, and food essentials for Fall!

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Why You Need Birthday Shoes

When I graduated high school, I decided to start a tradition where I would buy myself a pair of shoes that I really desired to celebrate a new year of life. I love the idea…

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High Tea Outfit + Makeup Look

Two weeks ago, I was invited to experience high tea at a luxurious hotel downtown with my friends. The evening was unforgettable and filled with beautiful loose leaf tea, flakey pastries, and lovely company. While…

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Question of The Week – Vol. 9

Last week’s question – “Do you have or wear anything that attracts luck in your life?” brought in a detailed response from Teesh – Adventure of Cupcake Girl who wrote about her lucky charm bracelet and the…

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