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Sunscreen Dreams – Summer Playlist

It’s hard to believe that I’m here creating the last seasonal music playlist of the year already. I started this series in the Fall of 2017 and overall each Spotify playlist has had great success…

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Products I Finished – June 2018

June was a month where I finished all my most re-purchased items at once. I also participated in a run which caused my sample bag to double and I only caved once and bought a…

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365 Days Of Happiness

I want to thank Kelsey McBride from Healthy Lifestyle PR for gifting me this book of affirmations. When I was young, I entered a lot of contests to win self-help books and now that I’m being…

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Products I Finished – May 2018

My month of June is incredibly hectics with work engagements and I’ve had to put my blog on hold. I did, however, not want to abandon my entry for this series in the month of…

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Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

Before sharing my insight, I want to make the disclaimer that my choice of not wearing foundation every day should not impact your choice of wearing it. In 2017, I experienced onset adult acne that…

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