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Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

Before sharing my insight, I want to make the disclaimer that my choice of not wearing foundation every day should not impact your choice of wearing it. In 2017, I experienced onset adult acne that…

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Products I Finished – April 2018

Happy 3rd month anniversary of this series! I’ve been doing pretty well on finishing up products in my collection and only re-purchasing things I’ve no inventory of. In the month of April, I emptied thirteen…

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Where I Buy My Workout Wear

I am the happiest when I’m working out. I adore strength training, running, zumba-ing, cycling, pilate-ing, any other physical activity I can get my hands on. I visit the gym minimum four times a week…

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My Top 5 Favourite Podcasts

Last year, I wanted to maximize my Spotify Premium subscription and take advantage of podcasts. I’ve had multiple failed attempts at getting into podcasts prior because I’d always force myself into listening to educational ones…

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23 Things I Learned at 23

I wrote a blog post last year titled “22 Things I Learned at 22” which to this day gets the most clicks on my website. In the blog post, I expressed my reservations towards birthdays…

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