Hello beauties! I’m Laurel Astridge, a woman with a passion for creativity and a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. I am also the writer and founder of Laurel Musical – a blog, where you will find content that revolves around beauty, fashion, positivity, music, and more! Laurel Musical began in 2011 on Tumblr and has been growing with over 5000+ daily readers aka beauties! Moreover, allowing the blog to collaborate with many high-profile companies.

Get to Know Me!

  • I’m a lifestyle blogger and performer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • I began studying music at the age of seven and since then it has been a huge part my life. I have performed in competitions, weddings, choir events, musicals, operas, and more. I also received my high school diploma from an art school and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. If you want to see some of my singing videos check out my YouTube Channel!
  • If you ever wanted to serve me lunch a plate of sushi, a slice of red velvet cake, and a Starbucks coffee with a shot of toffee nut would make my heart flutter.
  • I have a complicated relationship with shopping. I tend to purchase a lot of clothing, handbags, colourful lipsticks, and glittery things covered in inspirational quotations.
  • My favourite quotation is “Be brave, take risks, nothing substitutes experience.” – Unknown.
  • I have a really big heart. I started Laurel Musical on Tumblr in June 2011 as a space to share my creativity and the beauties have turned it into so much more. I am so grateful.